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Matt Price - What I Do

Having served 10 years in the British Army, I found myself challenged with alignment to the processes and bureaucracy. This was the start of my self-discovery journey and a focus on my values and beliefs. I spent a number of years as part of the Foreign Commonwealth Office security team, based out in Iraq, working across a number of senior positions. I’ve gathered experience across a number of areas and industries, including leisure and hospitality, food and beverage, teaching (military personnel), high level personal security, and more recently, horticulture. 

I have vast experience working with a wide range of people, and have been fortunate to work with wealthy, famous and influential people across the globe. 

Whilst this may all sound glamorous and exciting (and it had its moments), constantly working at hyper-vigilance levels took its toll. I found myself a skeleton of my former self, was missing out on precious time with my loved ones, and felt a real need to reset myself back to my values and focus on what is important. And so my so my journey into wellness began.

I’ll help you to understand why you do and think the things that you do. Together we’ll look at what you really want from your life, what’s holding you back, and most importantly, how you can start making changes and taking ownership of them. I’ll help you uncover the solutions to your challenges, and how to implement them.

Moving forward means no holds barred honesty, and I promise that getting underneath the excuses and digging into the real stuff is the ticket to removing what’s holding you back. Pleasantly nodding along would be doing you a huge disservice, right?

I know what it’s like to have lost your way a bit, to feel a bit stuck, not sure how to get out of the traps we set ourselves. I’ve invested time really focusing on my authentic self and I know that experience can help others. I am excited to help you as you explore what you want from your life and how YOU can make it happen.

About Me: About Me


  • Gaining greater clarity and understanding

  • Generate your own solutions to problems and setting goals

  • Removing obstacles to your solutions

  • Becoming accountable for your goals

  • Changing your mindset and building confidence

  • Transform insight into action

  • Coping mechanisms & strategies

How we make it happen:

  • Acceptance

  • Accountability

  • Achievement

  • Accomplish

What we'll work on .jpg
About Me: About
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